Are They Really That Stupid?
Some social media challenges are fun and raise awareness of important causes. Then, there are challenges like the one the teens are doing that could kill them.
Will My Team Win Tomorrow?
The Eagles lost Superbowl XV to a backup quarterback, can they get there and win it this year with their second string guy. I'm not getting my hopes up, but...
Winter Blues Got You Down?
Winter can be a fun time...for those who ski downhill and cross-country, love to snowboard, ride snowmobiles, and those crazy people who enjoy shoveling snow. Not me.
Maybe There’s Hope for Me Yet
This man's story gives me hope that I might not be too old to have a career as a golfer. Of course, I would have to become a much better player. Check this out.
Heroin Will Kill You
I found out yesterday that a former co-worker and friend of mine passed away from an apparent heroin overdose. When will this stop? Here's how to get help!

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