Lewis Black at the Forum
Lewis Black will be at the Forum on Feb.23rd. Listen tomorrow Morning at 7:20 for your last chance to grab tickets for free. I have all the info here.
The Card Game A-Hole
Did you ever play the card game A-hole? It's a fun game to play especially If you are drinking with friends. Saturday night we played it and had a blast.
Text or Call?
I don't know about you, but text a lot more than I talk to people nowadays. I think it's less intrusive. It's more convenient and more practical.
Getting Out of the Office
Rarely do I get out and do things or visit like most people do. So when I do get the chance to leave the building, I jump at the chance.
What Do You Tell the Kids?
A wedding photo of a couple in the Netherlands has gone viral. How do you explain it to your children if they ever see it. Click here to see the picture.
A Cure for the Common Cold
It's a rare event that I get sick. Normally I catch a cold once a year at most, but in the last couple of years, that number has increased.

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