Fun at the Campfire
One of the most fun things for me to do, is sit by a roaring campfire, sipping on a cold, frosty beverage while hanging with friends and family.
My Vacation Part Three
Sunday I volunteered as a Walking Scorer for the Dick's Sporting Goods Open. I got to walk with a Hall of Fame golfer. Read about my experience.
R.I.P. Jerry Lewis
I remember watching the M.D.A. Telethon with my parents when I was a kid. I will always remember Jerry Lewis for all he's done for other people.
Weekend Events in Binghamton
Another weekend with a bunch of stuff going on in the Binghamton Area. Here are six things happening in and around town, and many of them are free!
Hooked on Air-Conditioning
Sometimes I just need to vent. Not that the topics are necessarily a big deal, it feels good to get things off your chest and out in the open.
Dream Fulfilled at Age 103
I guess you are never to old to live out your dream. Check out the video of a103 year old woman who finally had her dream come true. She's a motorcycle mama.

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