Cats and Christmas Trees
Cats and Christmas trees don't always make a great combination. When I was young, we had a cat that decided he wanted to climb the tree. That didn't go well.
My Holiday Memories
I love reminiscing this time of year. Thinking back to Christmases from long ago. One of my favorite parts back then was the family putting up the tree.
Holiday Movies
The Holidays are all about tradition. Every year, I watch a handful of holiday movies. One of them is my favorite movie of all time. Do you watch these too?
Not a Good Time of Year to Diet
It sucks to be on a diet this time of year with Christmas cookies, Christmas parties, and Christmas Candy. I swear the cookies are daring me to eat them.
Another Guy Steals a Sex Doll
For the second time this year, I had a Strange But True story about a guy breaking into an adult store and making off with a life-size sex doll. See pics here.
Less Booze at Holiday Parties?
Here are the two Strange But True stories from this morning about company holiday parties. One was saying less boozes and the other was about S.T.D's.
Christmas Specials
Christmas specials are starting to air on TV. Some of them, now over 50 years old, are still attracting new fans. Remember watching them before VCRs & DVDs?

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