Up Your Trash Talking Game With the Best Non-Cursing Insults
It's things like this that make us glad the Internet is in our lives.
A thread on Reddit asked people to share their best non-swearing insult. If you're in the market for something to shut down someone in your life who has angered, annoyed, or frustrated you, you'd be wise to have some…
Coffee Will Get You Up
Coffee gets recalled because it is found to have the active ingredient found in Viagra. Check out the story here.
Did You Check out July Fest?
Did you stop by July Fest this weekend? It wasn't too bad. The live music was good, the food was great, and it was a pretty good turn out.
Why Was the Flight Grounded?
American Airlines is saying that there is no truth to the report that a plane was grounded because of a passengers gas problem. But that was the original story.
A Weekend of Rolling Stones
During this week's weekend theme meeting, Jim and I were at our usual best, procrastinating rather than getting serious about coming up with this weekend's theme.
Revenge on a Neighbor
A guy in Sequim Washington got revenge on his neighbor by mowing the word "A-HOLE" in his lawn. Check out the picture from Google Earth here.
Classic Rock Block Weekend
I decided myself that this would be one of our most popular weekends (sorry, I have no data to back that up), a Classic Rock Block Weekend

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