Did You Check out July Fest?
Did you stop by July Fest this weekend? It wasn't too bad. The live music was good, the food was great, and it was a pretty good turn out.
Why Was the Flight Grounded?
American Airlines is saying that there is no truth to the report that a plane was grounded because of a passengers gas problem. But that was the original story.
A Weekend of Rolling Stones
During this week's weekend theme meeting, Jim and I were at our usual best, procrastinating rather than getting serious about coming up with this weekend's theme.
Revenge on a Neighbor
A guy in Sequim Washington got revenge on his neighbor by mowing the word "A-HOLE" in his lawn. Check out the picture from Google Earth here.
Classic Rock Block Weekend
I decided myself that this would be one of our most popular weekends (sorry, I have no data to back that up), a Classic Rock Block Weekend
Eating in Front of the TV
Were you ever sitting in front of the TV eating dinner and a commercial comes on that makes you look away? That happened to me last night, again.

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