Another Valentine’s Day Is over
I had a nice Valentine's Day. I'm a procrastinator most of the time, but this year I was ready well beforehand. Everything went off without a hitch, kind of.
Valentine’s Day Facts
Valentine's Day is this Wednesday. How much do people spend on Valentines Day on average? Is getting married on Feb. 14th wise? Are people tired of V-Day?
Win Roger Daltrey Tickets
Roger Daltrey and his band will be performing The Who's Tommy on June 8th at Bethel Woods. You can win your way in with Tommy Trivia. Here is the cheat sheet.
Not So Fun Weekend
I am working today, glad to be away from my weekend. Here's five reasons why, in no particular order.
Only 74 More Days Until Spring
Are you tired of winter already? I can't wait to get back outside and golf. Hell, I can't wait to go outside without the cold making my face hurt. 74 more days.
New Years Fun on State Street
I spent New Year's Eve emceeing the third annual Binghamton Ball Drop on State St. Despite the cold, it was an awesome time. Thank God for heated tents.

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