Binghamton Events

Not a Good Time of Year to Diet
It sucks to be on a diet this time of year with Christmas cookies, Christmas parties, and Christmas Candy. I swear the cookies are daring me to eat them.
Keeping Neighbors Warm
Did you get a new jacket for winter? Do you have last years coat just hanging in a closet? We could use it if you don't want it. We are collecting coats.
Another Busy but Fun Weekend
It was one of those weekends that as long as you were awake, you're busy. It didn't calm down until I got back to work this today. This was my weekend.
Owego’s Lights on the River
Six of us went out to Lights On the River in Owego Friday night. It was a small town celebration with old time feel. Check out the pictures and the videos.
Rain Stopped for the Parade
Last night was the Johnson City Holiday Parade. That's three parades in a row in our area, that had to deal with rain. The turnout was great despite the weather
Upside down Christmas Trees
I guess the new fad is upside down Christmas trees. I think it's stupid. We put up three trees every year. Here are pictures and stories for each tree.
MMMmmm Beer
If you like beer, or you need a present for someone who loves beer, check out our 4th annual Binghamton on Tap Feb. 24th. Save on tickets today, Cyber Monday.

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