All it took to solved this mystery was a rant from little old me. Of course, the missing Johnny Hart star issue did uncover some problems with Binghamton government, but I will deal with that later.

First, let me say that Binghamton does not control the Sidewalk of Stars. Finding out who, to most residents, is tough to uncover. A small group of people who wanted to honor Binghamton natives who contributed to the arts created and oversee the landmark. However, the Binghamton parks and recreation department maintains it.

Apparently, there was concern about Johnny Hart's star after a plow truck drove over it and others. It was removed to be examined and is fine. Thank goodness! It will be replaced around the time a new star, to honor a new recipient gets placed soon.

I found this out thanks to a tip and a well placed call to Mr. Robert Keller. Mr. Keller is one of those tasked with overseeing the Sidewalk of Stars. His dedication to it was obvious.

The frustrating part of this investigation has been the lack of knowledge by many who should have known the group that is in control of this jewel of Broome County. They do, after all, work in cooperation with Binghamton parks & rec to take care of it! How could our leaders not know? It is an embarrassment, or should be, that they are so out of touch.

Sadly, I have more questions. Even though it is privately controlled, why doesn't the City parks & rec department upkeep the flower beds, as I understand is the agreement? Why, if it is a subject on the tourism website isn't it more revered and respected? After all, these men and women helped build this city and it's acclaim. In many cases, these honorees also boosted the economy.

A few of you have asked about helping to put plants in the flower beds. I am working on trying to get permission and will invite you to help once I do.

Case closed!