Yesterday, I placed myself in the position to live without my cellphone for 14 hours. I survived!
Actually, it was easier than I thought.

My husband, Tom, drove me to work this morning and I left my cell phone in the car. For the first time in ages, I used a landline to call and ask him to bring it into the house. The cold kills the batteries. He would've been ticked if I asked him to turn around and bring it to me, so that wasn't even a thought.

I never realized how much I used the cell phone as a crutch. I don't have a watch, so I use it as my timekeeper a lot. I also depend on it for texting and Google search. I thought I would be going through withdrawal after 10 minutes, but it never happened. I actually felt free! I wasn't chained to this beast that takes over so many lives.

I was home for a couple of hours before I even looked at it. I think I am over my addiction. Now if I could only say the same for my computer. Maybe that is my next challenge?

Speaking of challenges, it's your turn. I dare you to go 14 hours, not even a full day, without your cell phone. If you want to take the challenge sign up in the comment section and let me know how you do and what your biggest hurdle is. It's easier than you think.