Before I get started, I need to say that I moved here well after the events of 2001, I do not know the Harris family and am a impartial observer. I won't be sitting in judgement, either.

When I moved here, the second murder trial of Calvin Harris had ended and Mr. Harris had been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. People were all abuzz about the trial and subsequent appeal. They were also very divided.

The problem with this case and trying to be objective is a pending divorce was involved. That always muddies the waters and casts suspicion. There is one important thing to remember in all of this; only two people (Michelle and Calvin Harris) were privvy to exactly what their relationship was like.  This fact alone is why I remain neutral.

So, there were two trials, two convictions, and two successful appeals that overturned the verdicts. I don't quite understand how a third trial will be helpful at all, but there will be one in September. Luckily, there is a change of venue, to Scholharie County, and maybe this ordeal can be put behind those involved.

The Harris children want answers probably more than anyone. They were so young (between ages 2 and 7) when their Mom went missing. 13 years is a long time to go without Mom or answers.

There is a new confidential tipline those with information; real information, can call. it is 607-215-5166.

I don't know what happened to Michelle Harris, but I do know (somewhat) how her children feel. Above all else, those kids deserve closure.