If you feel flooded with anxiety just driving by the Broome County Public Library, it's probably because you've got a book or two that you were supposed to return, but you keep forgetting to take it with you when you walk out the door and now it's super overdue, right?

Well, there's some good news. At least you're not the guy who found a library book that a relative checked out and never returned- almost 100 years after it was due. True story- and the guy returned the book to the library where it was checked out during their fine forgiveness program.

But wait, there's even more good news for you. If you happen to have a book (or a couple) that you're late returning, the Broome County Public Library is holding a St. Patrick’s Day fine forgiveness event through this Friday, March 17th.

Grab your overdue book and your library card and visit the front desk at the library. They'll have you pull a random shamrock and that shamrock will give you a savings of 5%-50% off your fines.

Also, if you check out, or return something through the 17th, you'll be entered into a drawing where you could win $20 in fine forgiveness!

[via Newser/Broome County Public Library]