One of the first things I ate when I moved to Binghamton 4 years ago was breakfast pizza. I was in heaven. Breakfast on a pizza crust? No way!

I have lived a few places, and had never seen it before. Well, after digging a bit, I discovered it is a rarity across parts of the Midwest and in one place in Philly (probably a guy from Binghamton.). So, we can claim it as ours (well Upstate anyway). I think it should be revered almost as much as the Spiedie. Am I right?

It's a food to be proud of and every time I share it with a visitor, they are blown away. They never knew breakfast pizza could be more than leftovers from the night before.

I haven't had breakfast pizza in a while. I think it's soon time, though. Louie G. from WILD 104 and I talk about getting it, but we never do!

When was the last time you had breakfast pizza?