All of our thoughts and prayers are going out to not only all of the people affected, and their families in the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15th (Monday) ... but to all Bostonians.

We here in Binghamton, N.Y. have never had an event such as this,  rock our daily lives. But we have had a mass shooting at the American Civic Association April 3, 2009, where the shooter killed 13 people, and wounded four, before committing suicide.  So we sort of know how you feel, and Boston.... we stand with you!

In the ensuing days, Boston, you will run through a host of emotions. Bewilderment is first. You'll wonder why this happened to you, in your town and at your event. You'll wonder why someone didn't do more to make sure this didn't happen.

Then sadness ensues, at the tragedy. The senseless loss of life. And at the loss of your way of life.

Then.... You Get Mad! Mad that anyone had the audacity to pull off this tragic stunt in your city! Mad that some coward killed and maimed innocent people who have come together to celebrate an annual right of spring...  in the birthplace of our independence... On Patriots Day!

Times have changed, but our resolve to live free has not.

Boston, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you! We will not let some terrorist from a far away land, or some home grown nutjob,  stop us from living our lives in the land of the free and the brave.

Boston, you cannot stop going to ballgames, concerts ballgames and especially your great Boston Marathon. For that would mean that 'THEY', would have won. And they CANNOT WIN! We won't let them!
Today Boston, we are not Red Sox or Yankees fans, Democrats or Republicans, we are Americans! Today, all of us in Greater Binghamton in the Southern Tier of New York State are Bostonians!

Boston, today we know a little bit how you feel.... and Greater Binghamton HAS GOT YOUR BACK!


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