Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, the 19-year-old daughter of Jon Bon Jovi, was arrested at Hamilton College in Clinton yesterday morning after an alleged heroin overdose.

Town of Kirkland police Investigator Peter Cania said Bongiovi, of Red Bank, N.J., was recovering at a hospital he declined to name, the Associated Press reported.

She’s hospitalized and okay now, but after a thorough search, police found pot, drug paraphernalia and a “small quantity” of heroin, and Stephanie was promptly arrested for “possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and criminally using drug paraphernalia.” Which — on the plus side – are all misdemeanors.

Also arrested was 21-year-old fellow Hamilton student Ian Grant, who faces one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance. Both he and Stephanie were eventually released from custody and will have to appear in court at a later date

Here's the thing.... This Crap Is All Over The Place. More and more kids are getting hooked on 'Horse,' or whatever it's called these days.And if you think it's not around the Greater Binghamton Area, YOU ARE WRONG! Here's a screen shot of what comes up when I search the web site for heroin.

It’s hard to imagine your child would ever try heroin or other drugs, but don’t be fooled. Statistics show that half of teens have tried some sort of illicit drug by the time they finish high school. Even more shocking is that almost 40 percent of teens don’t perceive any major risk with trying heroin once or twice a week, and over 14 percent say it would be easy for them to find heroin if they wanted to. I THINK THAT NUMBER IS ACTUALLY HIGHER!
I have countless friends who have sons and daughters who have gotten hooked on this poison. It has caused major problems at school, home, on the job. I know of kids who have shared needles and now have Hep C, or HIV! I also have known parents whose child, sadly figured the only way out was suicide.
ALL IT TAKES IS ONE TIME, ONE USE AND THEY ARE HOOKED! This stuff really pisses me off! It is not glamorous, It is not cool and IT IS DEADLY!
All parents should get informed on the warning signs. According to the California Rehab Center, 'Casa Palmera'  The more you know about what your child does and who they hang out with, the more likely you’ll be able to spot when they’re messing with the wrong stuff. They may even be talking about using drugs right in front of you. Do you know all the common slang terms for heroin or partying?

Nicknames and Street Names for Heroin

Heroin usually appears as a white or brown powder. It is typically injected, but more and more teens are turning to snorting, smoking or swallowing heroin because they falsely believe this is safer than using needles. Here are the common nicknames and street names for heroin:

* Smack * H * Tar * Chiba or Chiva * Junk * Brown Sugar * Junk
* Skag * Mud * Dragon * Dope
* White, China White, White Nurse, White Lady, White Horse, White Girl, White Boy, White Stuff
* Boy, He * Black, Black Tar, Black Pearl, Black Stuff, Black Eagle
* Brown, Brown Crystal, Brown Tape, Brown Rhine
* Mexican Brown, Mexican Mud, Mexican Horse
* Snow, Snowball * Scat, Sack, Skunk
* Number 3, Number 4, Number 8

Nicknames and Street Names for Heroin-Laced Drugs

Sometimes heroin is combined with other drugs to obtain a certain high. Be aware of the following slang terms for these types of “mixed” drugs:

* Heroin and Marijuana: Atom Bomb, Canade, Woola, Woolie, Woo-Woo
* Heroin and Cold Medicine: Cheese
* Heroin and Ecstasy: Chocolate Chip Cookies, H Bomb
* Heroin and Alprazolam: Bars
* Heroin and LSD: Beast, LBJ
* Heroin and Cocaine: Belushi, Boy-Girl, He-She, Dynamite, Goofball, H&C, Primo, Snowball
* Heroin and Crack: Chocolate Rock, Dragon Rock, Moonrock
* Heroin and Ritalin: Pineapple

Slang Terms for Heroin Use and Abuse

Is your child talking about using heroin right in front of you? Here are some common slang terms for using heroin or to describe someone who uses heroin:

* Chasing the Dragon * Daytime (being high) * Evening (coming off the high)
* Dip and Dab * Do Up * Firing the Ack Ack Gun * Give Wings
* Jolly Pop * Paper Boy * Channel Swimmer


There is nobody immune from the dangers of this disgustingly easy to access drug. Kids will do anything to get it. They will steal, lie and even sell themselves. Do you have a story you'd like to share that may help others? Leave a comment below.


Get Informed. Stop being their friend. BE THEIR PARENT!