Feeling down in the dumps today? You're definitely not alone. But, if you can make it to Sunday, life will feel so much better.

The date of 'Blue Monday,' also known as the 'most depressing day of the year' was determined by  Cliff Arnall, of Cardiff University who factored in all sorts of things to calculate that the third Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year.

So what makes today, the third Monday of January so brutal for so many of us? Well, by now, the "holiday glow" is over. The weather isn't super awesome. Nighttime rolls in around 5pm. Vacation is too far out for us to look forward to, and there's a really good chance we've already failed our New Year's resolutions.

Keep in mind that the very worst thing you can do today (and this whole 'Blue Monday' week) is to buy into the negativity. Instead of focusing on all the depressing things in your life, lift your mood by walking while it's light out, and munch on some fruit. Doing both of those things will help keep depression at bay.

If you really want to take control of this day and this entire week, you might want to think about showing kindness to someone else. Actually, there's a whole movement to get people to spread kindness to others on 'Blue Monday' and during the week of 'Blue Monday' as a way to acknowledge that we're all in this crazy thing called life together.

If you're gripped with depression that you can't shake, text “GO” TO 741741 to talk to a trained counselor any time of the day or night.

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