The National Council for Home Safety and Security has issued a new study ranking the safest colleges in the United States. The list was created from data provided by the FBI which looked at things such as crimes reported by universities, and crime rates for the cities in which each school is located. The list only covers colleges with a student body of at least 10,000. There are 243 of these colleges in the United States.

Ithaca based Cornell University ranked highest of New York State colleges with a violent crime rate of seven, a property crime count of 217, a student population of 21,904, and a national safety rank of 82 (out of 243 colleges with a student body of 10,000 or more).

How did Binghamton University fare? Well, not so great on the national level, where it placed at number 181 (out of 243 schools), but the college did very well on the New York State list, coming in as the third safest college in the state. On the state list, Binghamton University was outranked only by Cornell University and SUNY Stony Brook.

Binghamton University is listed as having a violent crime count of nine, a property crime count of 166, and a student population of 16,916.

The top safest college in the United States with a student body of 10,000 or more is  Brigham Young University-Idaho Rexburg. Bringham Young University, formally called Ricks College, is a private university and is run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Students are required to follow very strict rules set forth by the university including abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex. Students must also follow dress and grooming codes. Bringham Young has a student population of 43,278. The university had 20 reported violent crimes and 17 instances of property crime.