I don't get out much. When I do, I rarely stray from my favorite dishes in restaurants. However, it's restaurant week and it's time to get out of my comfort zone. Let's face it, many of us need to, so why not take advantage of the great prices at participating eateries?

Binghamton Restaurant Week is underway now through the 21st and you can see all the restaurants and their menus here. A portion of the proceeds go to local charities like CHOW and the Boys & Girls Club.

Kathy Whyte helped get me out of my comfort zone by suggesting I go to The Whole In The Wall, at 43 S. Washington Street. To reward her for the good call, I took her along. And a good call it was! The owner, Eliot Fiks, greeted us and our server Lauren was a peppy little breath of fresh air! The service was prompt and excellent. Now to the food,

I completely got out of my comfort zone and ordered the creamy mushroom soup (famous around Binghamton), the pita pizza with basil pesto sauce and their raspberry chocolate chip brownie sundae big tease. The soup was not only delicious and creamy, but very filling with big pieces of fresh mushroom. And I don't normally like mushrooms! The pita pizza had a wonderful texture and the pesto and mozzarella were just right. It may have been a personal size, but I had to take half of it home so I'd have room for the dessert.

Now the dessert was just as "wow" as the soup and entree. The brownie was warmed and there was just the right amount of raspberry sauce. The thing I loved about The Whole In The Wall is they cater to those with gluten allergies and vegans. My husband can't have gluten, so I know where we are going back to.

Getting out of my comfort zone was the best thing I could've done. Otherwise I never would've discovered this lovely restaurant. And the atmosphere? You have to go to experience it. Lovely. For $10 plus tax and tip, it was a steal.

Get out and explore the wonderful restaurants in Binghamton. Go on that date lunch or night you've been putting off. Take a friend. Just get to it!

Thank you Binghamton Restaurant Week and The Whole In The Wall for making my week.