The very first thing I learned when I moved to Binghamton was that Rod Serling is a huge part of the history and culture here. The Twilight Zone creator touched every heart and part of this city. From Binghamton High School to Rec Park to the Sidewalk of Stars.

We have not (and will never) forgotten his genius and kind, loyal soul. And now we can rejoice that the world won't soon forget him thanks to J.J. Abrams. You see, Serling died suddenly at the age of 50. And he had unfinished business. Many thought his extensive and unequaled legacy was fully written. Not so!

He had a last script that has not seen the light of day. "The Stops Along The Way" is the name of it. In an interview, Rod Serling had called it a "lovely story." it was obvious that he held it close to his heart. Could it be chock full of Binghamton references? Or include a Helen Foley like character?

We should find out soon enough. J.J. Abrams, the master behind the latest stories in the continuing Star Wars and Star Trek series is planning a mini tv event with the Serling script.

If anyone can write a masterpiece it's Serling (he co-wrote the Planet of the Apes screenplay) and if anyone can bring it to life perfectly, it's J.J. Abrams. The big question now is: will we see film crews in Binghamton soon?