I am a huge baseball fan. It's my game of choice. One thing i have done since i was a kid is look at stats and get a feel for the players. I wish I had a minor league team in my town when I was younger. Instead we had to trek to Philadelphia to see the Philles (who I love!). It was not very often.

In Binghamton, we have the very reasonably priced B-Mets, where we can actually say hi to the players and see them before they are big stars. Plus, it's a great way to teach the kids about sports.

Two players to watch carefully are Logan Verrett and Cesar Puello. The 'big club' is also keeping an eye on them and I expect to see a move to New York before we know it.

Logan Verrett is a right handed pitcher who was drafted 3rd out of Baylor. His fastball is ok, but his change up and slider are what he is going to be known for. Trust me! The kid has a nice drop to the slider and is very consistent for a young minor leaguer. His ERA is a respectable 3.04 this year.  This past week, Logan tossed a gem of a game with 9 strike outs in 8.2 innings.

In the same game that Logan kicked butt, outfielder Cesar Puello put on a little show as well. He is the other player to watch. Cesar hit 2 home runs in that game. it was his first 2 homer game ever and they were "no doubt" long balls. Cesar was ranked 14th on the Mets prospects list by Major League Baseball. One reason is his solid fielding ability. He also is switch hitter, with an advantage as a lefty.

Luckily, the Mets are set to rely heavily on their farm system for their future success instead of buying players.  It's fun to watch players grow and become something special. I look forward to seeing Verrett and Puello do just that.