There is nothing like having a hometown sports team. I have only lived in one other town that had one and everyone supported the team and came out to the games.

Having the B-Mets here is a boon to the City, but sadly, it seems the many of the residents are taking them for granted. We currently have 3 NY Mets players that played right here in Binghamton. Three! Lucas Duda (who got a homer last night), Zach Wheeler and future Hall of Famer David Wright are three players we had the opportunity to watch as newbies to the game.

Now if you want to see them, you can't get close at batting practice like you can here and you have to pay a high price there. Tickets are only between $7 and $11 at NYSEG stadium! You can't do much for that these days.

And hey, the B-Mets are more than likely going to be in the playoffs this year. We have a lot to be proud of and a rich baseball history in this area to carry the torch for.

When I lived in South Jersey, I lived for Phillies games. Now I support the B-Mets the same way, plus I get the bonus of fireworks here. And there is nothing like a ballpark made hot dog.

Ya Gotta Believe!