The holidays are here.

That one line can either bring much delight or profound grumpiness to the soul.

My opinion?
Many have referred to me as 'The Grinch', but look at me.
Do I really look like a Grinch?
I will get into the spirit of the holiday season.

As for the topic on hand, it is time for the first of a triple-play of local Holiday Parades, or as some would say, Christmas Parade ( a topic I do not want to tackle.)

Parade Number One is the Binghamton Holiday/Christmas Parade, beginning at 1:30pm this Saturday November 17th.

The parade will travel from west to east on Main Street which for some crazy reason, becomes Court Street after crossing the bridge downtown.
Or is it Court Street at the beginning of the bridge?
Doesn't matter.

Will 99.1 The Whale be in the parade?
Of course, Virginia!

Grab the kids, grandpa, your neighbors, people you don't know, line the streets downtown and enjoy one of the largest parades of the year, which I believe will feature a pudgy guy in a red suit at the end.

Happy whatever, and bah humbug.
Ebenezer Morgan