I'm a huge baseball fan, so when my walk through Greater Binghamton history took me to the sport I was thrilled!

Back in 1862, Binghamton native and future Binghamton Baseball Shrine inductee Dan Casey was born. Casey played for 4 teams during his career; Wilmington Quicksteps, Detroit Wolverines, Philadelphia Quakers and the Syracuse Stars. Back in those days, players sometimes played different positions. Dan Casey was both an outfielder and a right-handed pitcher.

He was impressive while with Philadelphia, taking the National League ERA title and National League Shutouts Leader title in 1887.  During his career, Casey compiled a 96-90 record in 201 appearances with a 3.18 ERA. Let me tell you, that was impressive!

Now here's the coolest part; many believe Dan Casey was the inspiration for the story "Casey At The Bat." Although some dispute this, I will stick with it.  And he certainly took advantage of it by billing himself as "The Mighty Casey"! There was even a parade in his honor in Binghamton in 1915, after he retired (which he did in 1890).

Binghamton's rich baseball history continues today with the Binghamton Mets and they honor the history with the Baseball Shrine, which you can visit when you go to NYSEG Stadium.

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