In my mind, there are two types of heroes: the ones we expect (firefighters, police, military) and then there are everyday heroes.

Everyday heroes aren't as "everyday" as they sound though. They are ordinary Joe's who do extraordinary things under the radar.

There are many everyday heroes out there and it's time to honor them, which we will do every month right here.

Our first hero is 9 year old Zachary Watson. In 2010, at the age of 5, Zachary tagged along with his dad, Rick, to see a family friend. That friend had shaved his head and told Zachary it was to help sick children. Then and there, Zachary decided he wanted to shave his head to help too! Then he too shaved his head!

This is Zachary's 4th year shaving his head for St. Baldrick's to help fight pediatric cancer.

It is both amazing and comforting knowing a child can continue to make the decision to help other kids. He never waivers. Over the last 3 years, this little hero has raised $11,000 dollars for St. Baldrick's. This year, Zachary felt he had to raise the bar, so his goal is $5,000!

I believe he can do it. Oh! I forgot to mention that as a treat, Zachary gets to do anything with his hair that he wants before the big shave. Check out the gallery below.

Before I give the specifics on how to help Zachary reach his goal, I need to point out that this boy is a role model for not only other children, but for those adults that are so wrapped up in life that they forget to reach out a hand.

Now then, to help Zachary reach his $5,000 goal, click here. Zachary says that he had to "go big or go home" with his goal!

The big shave will be March 9th from 1 to 5 pm at the Candor American Legion, if you'd like to be there to root Zachary on.

To go the extra mile, Zachary and his Dad have set up a bottle drive:
Candor Market at 82 Main Street, Candor, NY.   6 cents per can/bottle and anyone can drop them off there and just tell the employees that they are for the St. Baldrick’s Event – the store will take care of the rest.


Thank you young Zachary for shaving your head and being our first Everyday Hero! Way to go!!