Every local government has tough decisions to make, it isn't like the Federal government that can print its own money. Priorities have to be made and, depending on the situation, they must be changed.

This winter surprised everyone. The amount of cold and precipitation caused serious pothole problems. Though some repairs were, I am sure, earmarked in the budget, what happened on Riverside Drive wasn't. Have you seen that road? It is crumbling.

Here's where the dilemma comes in. The City Council wants the money to stay earmarked for its original purposes. That means no repairs on Riverside Drive. The Mayor wants the pothole repairs to take precedence over a new fire truck that was expected to be purchased.

The war is on between Terry Rennia, Council President and Mayor Richard David. Sadly, residents are in the middle.

So let's use common sense to figure this out. Is the fire equipment we have now in good shape or does it need to be replaced immediately? If it is gravely important that the truck be replaced, the money should stay there. I do suspect, however, that the equipment isn't in dire need of replacement. The way to compromise would be this way: earmark, so it cannot be changed, money for the fire equipment for the next budget. then get to work fixing the potholes. Think of all the money people driving on these horrible roads are spending on vehicle repairs because of them?

Residents need to come first. I know I am ticked off that I need shocks thanks to the sucky road conditions. Well, that's my opinion. Share yours!