Last week, someone told me there are free items listed on Craigslist. Somehow I never equated Craigslist with free. I did some digging and there is an extensive list.

To find it after you get to the Binghamton section, just click on "for sale" then on the next screen, in the search area, type "free".

If you're looking for unique Christmas gifts, you have a wide range to pick from. How about a rooster from Apalachin, a Sea Nymph boat (that's right a boat!) from Binghamton or a Spinet piano from Binghamton? There's an HP Scanjet, a computer desk, an umbrella stroller and my favorite listing, since it is truly unusual, "Free horse manure. Easy access, back up and load, on a concrete slab. There is alot so bring a big trailer." I'm sure you know someone who deserves manure as a gift.

It was amusing to see how many roosters were listed. And the firewood? No one should be lacking this year. Before you hit the store, check Binghamton Craigslist.

Pardon me while I continue scanning. I love free stuff. The best things in life are free!