Last month I posted a blog asking area residents to make and send snowflakes to decorate the Sandy Hook Elementary students' new school with. The Sandy Hook PTA wanted it to be a winter wonderland.

We, along with people around the Country did just that. The response was so great they have closed the request. The PTA said there are enough snowflakes to cover the entire town. Well done my friends!

Today was the day Sandy Hook kids returned to school. Only it wasn't at their building. It was at Chalk Hill Middle School, which has been renamed Sandy Hook. Teachers and students alike were warmed by the show of support awaiting them.

It is a new beginning for both the students and the Chalk Hill building. It sat unused until today; almost the victim of a wrecking ball. Who knew that it was meant to survive to serve a special purpose.

Welcome to your new school little ones and welcome to your new "life" Chalk Hill!