Many years ago I had washboard abs but now,  I have a front loader! THAT STOPS TODAY.

Several years ago I started "Big Wally's Losers Club," as a way to help you and I  lose weight. And Lose I did, 134 lbs total! But that was five or more years ago, and the bad habits have crept back into my life and I have ganied much of that weight back. THAT STOPS TODAY!

Today I am resurrecting Big Wally's Losers club. Today,  on my blog at, and on facebook at Wally waal, we start sharing ideas that work and cast away those that don't. Today we start sharing recipies and fitness tips.Today is the day we get our waistlines back. Today is day number one in getting our lives back! 

Every Thursday morning I will weigh myself in,  and report back to you, on the air and in this blog, on how much weight I have lost during the week. I have already downloaded the "myfitnesspal" app on my IPAD. to help me keep track of all I eat, the calories, fats, etc. It will also keep track of all calories burned and it gives a wealth of knowledge to help us reach our weight loss goals.

Speaking of goals, mine is 210 pounds. Thats a weight loss of 80 pounds. (YES, I have weighed in at 290 lbs this morning). THAT STOPS TODAY!

I am not a doctor or a nutricionist so get checked out. I can only tell you what I am doing and what works for me, and excericise is most definately a key factor. 

Lesson # 1) If you have 20 or 30 minutes to kill, mindlessly watching a daytime talkshow or surfing stupid crap on the internet, you have time to put your sneakers on and go out for a walk....

There are no excuses and we take no prisoners.

Are You With Me?