Thursday is weigh in day of week number one and so far I have to admit, I haven't been as good as I could have been. But I am hopeful that the changes I have made will make me a winner this week! And with that, here's what I am going to do for myself.

Thursday will be REWARD DAY! If I lose weight in any amount, Big Wally gets a reward. And that reward this week will be homemade chicken parm, with a side of pasta!! Not a huge platefull, like you would get at a restaurant, but still a nice portion. This will be the only cheese I get this week AND I LOVE CHEESE!

Here's a great tool to use that helps keep you honest in your quest to lose weight. It's the website called   In it you can set yourself up some goals, it offers a great calorie counter section to help you find all the nutricional facts you need about what you are shoving in your hole. It also allows you to log in your daily exercise so you know how many calories you are burning, offers advice and tips, plus friendly support from all your friends. That's right, it's also a social networking tool as well for people just like you and I. So far "gabeandnatesmom" and "jwlamplit" have become "my friends" on  We can all share advice and tips on our very own News Feed -Message Board. 

The number one question I have been asked so far is this, "Big Wally, how do I join the losers club?" Here's how. 1) Open a free account at "" .  It will help you keep track of everything and it will allow all of us to offer "OFFLINE" advice and encouragement to each other. 2) Go to my blog at each day for even more advise and encouragement. Christmas is less than 100 days away, how about giving yourself the gift of health and a smaller waistline! 3) START TODAY!

If you wanna be a friend... search "Wallywess"... and lets get started! 

Todays Tip... use salsa as a way to spice up your diet. It's got zero fat, low in carbs and is high in taste. I use it on fish, pasta... almost everything!

 Tonight's meal, Eggplant sliced and grilled, then smothered in rattatouie (thats tomatoes-onions, zuchini and jalapenos 172 calories)  Bon Appetite