The biggest football game of the year is less than a week away and if you're planning to have a bunch of people over to watch the game, you know that providing them with food is an absolute must, right? Sure, you could fill some bowls with chips and dip and be done, but what fun is that?

My husband and I love having friends over to watch the game, and they love when we make these little franks that are wrapped in bacon and cooked in brown sugar!

Bacon Wrapped Little Franks with Brown Sugar


  • Package of little franks
  • Package of bacon
  • Brown sugar


  • Cut bacon into thirds, wrap each frank with a slice of bacon.
  • Place wrapped franks in a baking dish and cover them with brown sugar.
  • Bake at 350 degrees until the bacon is as crisp as you'd like.

Seriously- that's it! Another thing I love about these is that you can turn the oven on to the 'warm' setting and these will stay heated nicely until you're ready to serve them.