We've all got great t-shirts, you know, ones that were purchased at your favorite record store, online or maybe at a concert.
Well, according to U.K. retailer HMV, Black Sabbath has the best vintage t-shirt.
Their 1978 concert t-shirt is atop the list of best selling t-shirts.

Here's what the 10 ten best shirt list looks like.
Do you have any of them?

1. Black Sabbath - U.S. Tour 78
2. Led Zeppelin - U.S.A. 77
3. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
4. David Bowie - Smoking
5. Bruce Springsteen - Sand Tour
6. Foo Fighters - Gold logo
6. AC/DC - Angus and Brian
7. Metallica - Skull Explosion
8. Rolling Stones - Union Jack Tongue
9. Beatles - Sgt. Pepper

10. Guns n' Roses - Appetite for Destruction