You’ve heard the old saying “You’re never too old” well as I get older I’m finding there are several untruths to that equation.

Here are a few things I think our class of adults can do without.

I’ll begin with one for the guys “Dude” it makes perfect sense for the 15 year old in your life, but  if your child came up to you and said “Power to the people”  or “Peace Man” you’d probably look at him the same way he looks at people your age saying “Dude”

Pony tails…. cut it off …there are some exceptions to this (no there isn’t, I can’t lie)

Wearing your ball cap on backwards: I do this when I’m out mowing the lawn, but every time I come back in and catch my image in the mirror, I see how ridiculous I look

Now the ladies…Being a party girl. it was cute and hot when your were 21 but at 44 its just pathetic….you can have a good time without standing in front of the band with a drink in your hand dancing by yourself .

Mini skirts …I’m sure you would look hotter in a nice medium length sundress.

Piercings…Stop at the ears….no one wants a middle aged Goth

We came from a pretty cool generation, so why try to change that.