Being lazy is an art. It takes a great deal of thought, until now. Thanks to technology, you can be lazy in the blink of an eye.

Don't feel like doing laundry? A few mouse clicks and your new clothes are in the mail! If you plan ahead and create a wish list, it takes even fewer clicks!

Want to read a book, but don't feel like turning pages? There is now an automatic book reading chair that not only flips the pages, but lights the book, too.

The Roomba vacuums while you goof off. I like this one! It just goes and goes and goes.

If you love bananas but hate the peeling, fear not! Someone came up with an automatic peeler.

And my favorite lazy person's invention: the Clapper! Yes, this marvel of the early '90's is still around. Just clap your hands and the lights go off. No fuss, no muss. You will never have to use your finger muscles to flip a switch again!

What is the laziest thing you have ever done?