This Saturday, October 26th, is the 4th annual Whale/Dick's Garage Halloween Parade!
Get the family together, and come out for a fun time.
We'll be handing out candy to the kids from Candyland at Windy Hill Candle Factory throughout the route, so bring a bag that we can drop candy into.

Of course, we encourage you to join in the parade with The Whale, or you could walk with the Zombie Squad, the Creature Comforts Pet Parade (dress up your pets), or get whatever organization you belong in , and join us!

What will Whale Personalities be dressed up in this year?
You'll have to come out Saturday to find out!
The parade begins at the American Legion Post 80 on Main Street Binghamton at 12 Noon, and will travel east into the downtown area.

Click below if you'd like to join us in the parade.
Happy Halloween!