For New Yorkers, there's nothing better than a World Series matchup between the Yankees and the Mets.
In 2000, the Subway Series became reality.
You knew this was going to be an intense matchup.
Unfortunately for the Mets, they were knocked out in 5 games, and the Yankees extended their World Series streak to three, and 26th championship overall.

The memorable moment, or should I say, not so smart moment, was during game 2, when Roger Clemens threw a piece of a broken bat at Mike Piazza.
The bat broke into several pieces when Piazza hit the ball, and one piece flew directly at Clemens.
Rogers claimed he thought the bat was the ball.
Watching the replay, how could you mistake a piece of bat for the ball, and why would you throw a ball at the runner, rather than the first baseman?
Let's go to the video for the evidence.