When it comes to receiving a really bad gift for Christmas we have all had to put on our best performance at faking a positive reaction.

A recent survey suggests three out of four people pretend to like a really bad gift they have received.

So how do you react to a bad gift, do you smile alot, give the thumbs up sign, or give the person a big hug and say thank you.

When receiving a bad gift you have to be really careful to show your sincere appreciation, after all it's the thought that counts, right?

I was thinking about my holiday experiences and what gifts I had received that I really didn't like.

I have received fruitcakes for a gift and all I can say is the tin it came with was great for storing cookies and baked goods.

I remember one Christmas I was strapped for money so I bought my brother a car phone, it was a regular land line phone in the shape of a car, and I bought it at a place called 'Cheap Eddies" (that's the truth I swear)

My brother opened it and looked happy, till he got it home and plugged it in and found out that the 'Cheap Eddies" car phone wouldn't hang up.

There are some people who have enough courage to tell someone that they were disappointed with the gift.

The survey also said that when it comes to gifts from your parents, moms were twice as likely to give you a bad gift.

There have been surveys that say Gifts Cards are a bad present but I say most people would take a nice gift card to their favorite store over a fruitcake any day.

Check out some staged bad presents from parents to their children.