Ashton Kutcher is known for playing goofballs. Whether it's in That 70's Show, Two and a Half Men or in movies. That changed, however, with the movie Jobs. Ashton took on the role of a lifetime portraying the late Steve Jobs. Apparently, Mr. K. was sandbagging on the intelligence front.

Sunday night, Ashton revealed how very smart and real he is.  Ashton received the Utlimate Choice Award, or as he called it the old guy award. What happened next has completely changed not only my perception of him, but America's (or at least it seems that way).

He revealed his real name is Chris and then explained how hard work and never thinking you are better than any job will get you farther than you dream in life. "Opportunities look a lot like work" was my favorite quote. Ok, actually it ties with telling the kids that being smart, thoughtful and generous is all you need to be. Everything else is crap.

You have to see it for yourself. It moves me to tears and makes me think there is hope yet for this world. Thank you Steve Jobs for inspiring this man, who probably thought he was as good as it gets to be even better. And for helping him direct us to do the same.

Look and listen and share.