The World Cup huge world soccer tournament) is underway and Americans are watching.

After the coach for Team USA, Jurgan Klinsman said the team had no chance, they won their first game. First off, what a non-coach thing to say! I am not into0 soccer, but now I am rooting for the team to prove Klinsman wrong.

USA faced Guana yesterday for their first match and scored just 34 seconds into the game. Wow! It was the fastest goal by USA ever and the fifth fastest in World Cup history.Take that Klinsman!

Team USA went on to win 2-1, but lost 2 key players for the rest of the tourney. Jozy Altidore pulled his hamstring and Clint Dempsey, the team captain that scored the first goal, fractured his nose. These loses will make it tough to advance past Portugal on Sunday (their next match).

Go Team U-S-A!!!