Welcome to April.
Now can we dispose of Winter?
Good, let's talk about something else - Greyhounds!

photo by Kathy Whyte

April is 'Adopt A Greyhound Month.'
Why do I mention this?
Well, granted, my life's plate is quite full enjoying being a Radio Personality, Brand Manager of 99.1 The Whale and a Mobile DJ, but I do have a sliver of a personal life too.

I adopt and foster Greyhounds.
It started almost 15 years ago, and has been an amazing adventure.
Greyhounds have so many 'greyt' qualities to them: friendly, love attention, quiet and are 'couch potatos.'

Greyhounds love to curl up in a ball. but I will admit, at times they like to stretch out and kick you off the couch.
I get comments like "They need to run a lot, right?"
Exercise is good for them of course, as it is for you, and walks are good, but these creatures already put in their time at the race track, and have 'retired' from that kind of life.

I currently have 2 Greyhounds of my own, and have fostered 30 over the past 5 years.
It's a great feeling to get them into 'forever homes' and a bit hard to let go, but well worth it.
If you are thinking of adopting a Greyhound or just want more information, there are many adoption agencies around the country that can help you.
Their goal is to get retired Greyhounds into loving homes.

For more information, check out The Greyhound Project for a list of adoption agencies around the county, and the adoption agency I volunteer for - Monica's Heart Greyhound Adoption.