One of my favorite things to do this year is go apple picking with my family. I normally drive up to them and go somewhere in Lafayette seeing as there are a bunch of orchards within that are and it's in between Binghamton and Syracuse.

I thought I would do a little research for you guys and find places around Binghamton to pick apples so check out the places below and feel free to leave reviews on which are your favorites!

Apple Hills: 131 Brooks Road, Binghamton, NY

Fiato's Orchard: 1390 Reynolds Circle, Binghamton, NY

Lone Maple Farm: 2001 Hawleyton Road, Binghamton, NY

Russel Farm: 114 Hill Top Road, Rhinebeck, NY

Windy Hill Farms: 5201 Rt 79, Port Crane, NY

If I missed some places in the area, please feel free to comment on where they are and how they were below!