This morning I walked into the kitchen and got a cute surprise; my Valentine's Day gifts! There's nothing like starting the day with a smile. There were 3 stuffed dogs. One in a mug, one that sings "Hound Dog" and one on top of a heart shaped box of chocolates. Yes, there was a card too.

My husband understands me and knows me and that my friends is the key to a great Valentine's Day! He knows I like stuffed animals, cute stuff and humor. And I just love a surprise. I don't want jewelry, I want smiles. Oh, it's his luck that I am allergic to roses, so those are out.

How do I get it right? Its only fair I do something special for him, so last night we got wings at Gordy's in Windsor. Today, I am cooking him a roast and a special gluten free cake. I left a card leaning against his coffee cup before I left for work, too.

Valentine's Day is actually simple to hit out of the park. keep it simple and just show that you know each other.  That's it.