My weekend started Friday Night by going to Lights On the River, the Christmas celebration in downtown Owego. We went with four of our friends that are in the picture above. Saturday I had to work, then I did my broadcast from J&R Upholstery. After that, I went to my church to volunteer for a little bit, and then it was off to a Christmas party for a company that my wife would hire as a vendor for her job. Sunday morning I woke up and took a shower, then I was right back at the church to volunteer a little bit more, then I came home to host some friends for Sunday football. Later in the afternoon, I  was off to our company Christmas party held in Downtown Binghamton. The food was awesome and we had some laughs at the table I was sitting at. The party ended early.  At first,  I thought it was lame that it was ending way too early but with the Eagles game on last night, I was kind of happy that it ended when it did. Of course, watching the Eagles game didn't make me happy but what can you do. And before you know it we're all back to work on Monday.

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