I was recently given the fourth In This Moment album: Blood and instantly fell in love. I own both The Dream and A Star Crossed Wasteland cd's so I expected the best from Maria and the boys and thankfully, was sated properly. If you have never heard of In this Moment and your into metal at all, especially metal which features a hot, well endowed female who can sing and scream at the same time, I strongly suggest you check them out.

As on The Dream album, both the first and last songs seem to serve as intros and outros to the album,  respectively. The first four songs kick you in the face with screaming guitars and screaming Maria Brink layered in sex and blood, this could very well be the soundtrack to the HBO series True Blood. The four songs in the middle: You're Gonna Listen, Burn, Scarlet, and From the Ashes seem to tell of an intense struggling relationship in which the woman- Maria Brink in this case- is trying to get her significant others attention, then feels everything is going down a dark road to the point where no one else can know what they have done and in From the Ashes she seems to let go and is trying to move on. The rest of the album is as enticing as the beginning, with songs about what one feels performing a show,  comraderie, rising from death and the long road of life we've all travel. All in all, a beauti