According to IFL Science, Toronto's High Park Zoo housed two of the world's largest rodent -- the capybara. The zoo's security had a momentary, let's say, lapse, and these two capybaras were able to slip by and out in the wild on May 24. Despite their large sizes, they were actually pretty difficult to capture. The two capybara, aptly named "Bonnie and Clyde" spent the last three weeks out on the run in Toronto.

According to The Star;

One report suggests that one of the escapees was caught in a trap, but managed to wiggle free before it was permanently trapped inside. They have occasionally been spotted by pedestrians but are, at present, still on the lam. "

There has since been a Twitter account linked to Bonnie and Clyde, and here are some of their recent tweets about the whole situation:

In another tweet from the local Toronto news station, there have been some sightings, but so far, no luck capturing the two escaped capybara:

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