In February of 1980 while working on the album which would be know as Back In Black, ACDC lead singer Bon Scott passed out while drinking in a night club in London he got in the back of a car owned by a friend to sleep it off, the next day the owner found Scott still in the car, he was rushed to a near by hospital and pronounced dead on arrival, the official cause was listed as acute alcohol poisoning and classified death by misadventure.

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Brian Johnson was hired as lead singer and Robert Mutt Lange the albums producer.

On July 21, 1980 Black In Black was released, the record label objected to the all black album cover which was a sign of mourning for Bon Scott but allowed the band to keep it.




The album went on to be a huge success with some of their biggest hits. If you’ve ever wondered what the album would have sounded like with Bon Scott on lead vocals enjoy this rare cut of “Back In Black” featuring the late Bon Scott.