Easter Sunday was a special one for my family. It marked the return of my dad to his priestly duties after a year of fighting lung cancer and recovering from the chemotherapy.

My dad did beat the cancer, but the chemotherapy was the thing that set him back. The hair falling out was no biggie, it was the fatigue that drove us all crazy. The doctors didn't help much either. No offense to them, they were fabulous, but they basically told him he would always feel fatigued from now on.

It was not good enough for us. My dad has always been an active Episcopal priest and him not going back to that was unacceptable. So, my sister and I talked and we asked my dad if he would be interested in going to a gym to build his strength. He was so frustrated he decided to give it a try. Two months in, he is regaining the energy and yesterday he regained his place at the altar.

Not only was Jesus reborn, but so was my dad!

The lesson learned is important; if you or a family member goes through treatment for cancer or any serious condition, don't let it change your life. Be determined to do what it takes to get your life back. Once you beat a disease, shouldn't you be able to enjoy life? Heck yes!

Get to the gym, work with friends and family or whatever you need to do to recover. I am so glad my dad fought to get his life back.