I love Mr. Rogers. I used to watch his show all the time. I learned a lot and got a big dose of imagination lessons too. When Mr. Rogers died in 2003, I thought what I am sure the world did; who picks up the ball?  No one did because no one could.

Now, there is a script floating around Hollywood called "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". It's a biopic about Mr. Rogers. It's great on the surface, until you think about who will be cast as Fred Rogers! Seriously, it's like the same problem PBS had when he died. It simply can't be done.

The guy is so iconic that a quote of his was resurrected after the Boston bombing to help kids get through it. And it went viral.

Onto the impossible casting! Take the poll and let us know who you think would work. I put together this list based on look and possible imitation of Mr. Rogers.