That's how I describe the intense thought that goes into coming up with weekend themes each week for your entertainment.
I also have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

Actually, I had mentioned to our nighttime personality - Kat, that I needed a theme for this weekend.
Without missing a beat, she belts out "A List weekend."
My immediate response was, "What the hell is that?'
She responds "It's playing Classic Rock songs and artists that start with the letter A, dumb ass."
Not sure the "dumb ass" part was necessary.
Or did I just make that up in my head? Hmm.

So, there you go.
Hourly double-shots throughout the weekend of Classic Rock songs and artists that begin with the letter 'A.'

Whale Morning Show Host - Doug Mosher, suggested we continue that theme each week with the rest of the alphabet, but we quickly shot that 'dumb ass' idea down.
That's how we roll.

Enjoy, and remember to take your radio wherever you go this weekend so you won’t miss all this great Classic Rock.
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