It's hot, but come Winter, we'll gripe about the cold and wish Summer was here. I figured we could all use a dose of cold right now, so to get through this heatwave, I've picked 5 cold songs to help!

While you're listening, here are some tips to stay safe in the heat. Don't forget your pets too.

1. Never leave children or pets alone in
enclosed vehicles.
2. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of
fluids even if you do not feel thirsty.
Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol.
3. Eat small meals and eat more often.
4. Avoid extreme temperature changes.
5. Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, lightcolored
clothing. Avoid dark colors
because they absorb the sun’s rays.
6. Slow down, stay indoors and avoid
strenuous exercise during the hottest
part of the day.
7. Postpone outdoor games and activities.
8. Use a buddy system when working in
excessive heat.
9. Take frequent breaks if you must work
10. Check on family, friends and neighbors
who do not have air conditioning, who
spend much of their time alone or who
are more likely to be affected by the
11. Check on your animals frequently to
ensure that they are not suffering from
the heat.

Songs To Cool Down By