All I can say is, what the heck are these movie companies thinking? There are some movies that are done so well the first time (or are classics) that you can only suck at remaking. Hey, I'm only being brutally honest.

Despite the fact that Hollywood doesn't have a great track record when it comes to sequels and remakes, they still try. There are very few of this type of movie that see success.

If you want to know why I am ranting, here is a list, 6 out of 31, by the way, of movies (sequels or remakes) that are in production or pre-production:

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    Seriously?? Name one actor that is in the same category as Al Pacino or who can really pull this off! I can't.

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    Just like "Earth to Echo" showed about "E.T.", you can only do a cute character once. Gizmo was awesome the first time, so why fix it if it ain't broke?

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    The Naked Gun

    There are a couple of reasons this one should be left alone: Leslie Nielson was hysterical and O.J. Simpson is in it.

    I rest my case.

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    National Lampoon's Vacation

    This movie is comedy classic! I don't know one person who can't spout off at least one line from the movie. You?

    Chevy Chase is too old to reprise his role and without Randy Quaid (is he in jail??) as Eddy it just won't fly.

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    It's A Wonderful Life

    I think the filmmakers these days have WAY overrated options of themselves if they think that a film, made in 1946, that has stood the test of time can be remade at a standard even close to the original. First off, there are no actors these days that are worthy to lick Jimmy Stewart's shoes.

    Blunt? Darn right! It's blasphemy to try remaking this classic!

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    BONUS! Waterworld

    Ok...this movie was so bad the first time, I think it's safe to say even today's filmmakers couldn't do worse.

    Go ahead.