In celebration of Robert Plant's 65th birthday, I had to share some little know facts about one of the best Rock vocalists of all time.

I discovered Plant in college. I know, I was late to the party. At least I made it! I got hooked on the Honey Drippers and his solo stuff first, then came Zeppelin.

Through the years I have collected interesting facts on the man who will never, in his view, lead a Led Zeppelin reunion. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I wanted to get that out of the way.

The most amusing fact about Robert Plant is that he intended on being an accountant. I can see that. he's quiet and laid back when not performing. He quickly realized (within 2 weeks) that he belonged in music. Whew!

It was Steve Winwood, another singer I am a fan of, that got Led Zeppelin to consider Plant for the singing gig. Winwood was having fun with his other projects when he was put on the short list, along with Donovan and Steve Marriot from the Small Faces to be the lead singer of led Zeppelin. Winwood suggested the band try our Plant. The rest is history.

Not one to stay in one groove, Robert plant has reinvested his musical sound no less than 7 times. The most successful run, since Zep, was with Bluegrass.Americana artist Alison Krauss. Their collaboration Raising Sand shocked and amazed everyone. Their tour was a mega sellout and they picked up a Grammy Award for it.

The work with Alison Krauss led Plant to discover Nashville, which he fell in love with. He owns a home there and collaborates with many of the musicians in town.

Last fact! if you look at the first led Zeppelin album, you'll see Robert Plant did not get any songwriting credit! That's because he was still under contract with a label rival to the one Zep recorded for.

And now you know some cool stuff about Robert Plant.